Searching For Atticus

Despicable Me

October 21, 2022 Knothole Media Season 2 Episode 20
Searching For Atticus
Despicable Me
Show Notes

The first instalment in the series of stories featuring Gru and his Minions is a silly, rollicking ride. Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Jason Segal and Julie Andrews lend their voices to the tale of a super-villain whose heart is touched by three orphan sisters he adopts as part of a plot to steal the moon.
Kofi, Blake & Rich laugh plenty in chatting about this movie. We discuss about how our own children have affected our personalities, our ambitions and our careers. We debate whether Gru's mother's putdowns can be interpreted as some form of effective "villain-raising." And we consider whether the characters surround Gru - Dr. Nefario, the Minions and the sisters themselves - actually represent the various tensions any new father is caught between.

As mentioned in the podcast, here are a few resources on adoption: (Canada) (United States)

Dave Thomas, as in Wendy's Restaurants.  He was adopted as a child, so he kind of believes in it. 4 out of 4 stars on

You can also consult: (Canada) (United States)

An article in Maclean's about the foster system:

And finally, a list of resources from the Children's Aid Foundation of Canada:

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