Searching For Atticus

A Journal for Jordan

July 15, 2022 Season 2 Episode 13
Searching For Atticus
A Journal for Jordan
Show Notes

Michael B. Jordan stars as a US Army soldier who writes a journal of advice for his infant son while stationed in Iraq during the American invasion of Iraq. At least that's what the official description of this film says. In fact, Chanté Adams stars in the real-life story of Dana Canedy, a New York Times journalist who falls for that same soldier, First Sergeant Charles Monroe King. The movie follows the both the romance between the couple and Dana's attempts to tell their son Jordan about their life together and the legacy of advice that King leaves for him.

Directed by Denzel Washington, with a screenplay by Virgil Williams, A Journal for Jordan provokes Blake, Kofi & Rich to discuss the value of a good man's patience, the challenges of balancing powerful responsibilities with the demands of a committed relationship and just how many pushups it would take to look as fit at Michael B. Jordan.

The film is based on A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Honor and Love by Dana Canedy

Kofi mentions two influential books:
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker, M.D.
The Power of Blessing by Kerry Kirkwood

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